The Introduction

Waco Drip is a new space that will be opening in downtown Waco, late this summer. We will sell Waco themed merchandise and apparel, including some unique glassware and art.

The name was formed after careful consideration of what this opportunity meant to me. Waco Drip is a steady stream of love, support, and kindness that has helped me get to where I am today. The churches, schools, teachers, advisors, employers, friends, family, and everything in between has been steadily dripping into my life since day one. These places and people have helped me at my lowest moments in life and have supported me at my highest.

They helped me receive a good education, know God, challenge myself, learn to love, learn to be strong, and ultimately find myself a path to college debt free, which is where I presently am.

As I sit here, two years after college, I often wonder what I am doing in life and what my purpose is. I put my fears aside and try new things, knowing that if I fail, I will have people to call on, people that support me.

Waco Drip is a steady flow of support that one will experience, and eventually becomes a heavy stream in your life. Once you experience that in full, you will never want to leave this community and will completely understand what we mean when we say, "Waco Drip."

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