2024 Total Solar Eclipse Over Texas: Live from Waco - Experience the Spectacular Event!

Where and When to See the Total Solar Eclipse

There are many options for you to go to view the eclipse that we will list below.

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Where To Go

Waco, Texas, is a prime spot for seeing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. That's because the city is in a near-perfect placement for the path of totality, which will be over four minutes of totality. The sun will appear dark during this time, and the sky will appear similar to dawn or dusk.

Downtown Waco

There are plenty of open parking lots and parking garages where you can view the eclipse over Texas. You will be in a prime place to see the shadow in April. 

Touchdown Alley @ McLane Stadium

This will be an exciting place to watch the eclipse from Baylor University and live from Waco. Several organizations, including Baylor University, Lowell Observatory, Discovery Channel, and the City of Waco, have partnered to host this event for the 2024 eclipse.

How to Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse

There are many steps you will want to consider for your safety and fun when watching the eclipse over TX. Consider the location, tools, accessories, etc., you may wish to use.

Safety measures for eclipse viewing

When you witness the solar eclipse, you will want to be sure you have safety gear such as eye protection. While the day will start sunny, you may feel tempted to look at the sky. Be careful of your eyes as the sun can be harmful.

What to bring for eclipse viewing

Bring a towel for the ground if you want to lie down and look up. Additionally, bring drinks to stay hydrated and maybe consider some sunscreen. 

Transportation and parking at the venue

Downtown Waco and the surrounding areas are going to be packed. Check out an online map to ensure you are set for easy mobility around town. While some of the venues operate all day, and you may stay onsite throughout the day, traffic congestion will likely occur.

Information about eclipse glasses

Eclipse glasses are meant to reduce sun exposure to a safe level to help you view the sun without worrying about harming your eyes.

What to Expect during the Total Solar Eclipse?

Below are some details about what the sky will look like from Waco, including how long the eclipse lasts, other miscellaneous activities around town, and information on the festival.

Visibility of the eclipse in Waco, Texas

You may recall the partial eclipse in October 2023. While this was a unique and exciting experience, the sky will be dark grey on April 8, 2024. Think of it as dawn or dusk and what the sky looks like then. The total eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Duration of totality in Waco

The Waco eclipse will last for four minutes and 13 seconds. This gives you ample time to observe the phenomenon. 

Activities and events during the eclipse

Above, we mentioned events at Baylor, and that's all we know now. We will update the list if we become aware of any bars or venues hosting unique experiences. Events may also occur in Dallas or Austin, as the route is nearby and along Interstate 35, again making this a prime spot in North America.

Details about the eclipse festival

The festival at Baylor is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and has many activities for the family. There will be food vendors and guided science talks by real astronomers. 

Why the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is a Must-see Event

This event is unique because one location generally only sees a full total eclipse once every 375 years. That makes Waco one of the best places to get tickets for this event.

Exciting opportunities for eclipse photography

Bring your camera, and so some research on how to use a tripod and take excellent photos. The outdoor venue at Baylor does allow for cameras so you can take photographs. There is a telescope registration form that you must submit for some items, so be sure to review that here.

mclane stadium in waco with the eclipse
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