waco brazos river on a cold day

Top 5 Things to Do in Waco, Texas in January: Museums, Shopping, and Outdoor Fun

In January, the weather in Waco, Texas, can be relatively unique, with temperatures ranging from cold and chilly to warm and sunny. This makes it challenging to know exactly what to anticipate, but it also provides a range of options for things to do. There are many ideas for Waco activities during January, and here are a few:

  1. Explore Baylor University and campus: With the cold weather, you can spend some time exploring the beautiful campus of Baylor University. The sidewalks are nicely paved and allow for a joyful walk around. If you feel extra special, request a campus tour at the visitor center, where fellow Baylor students will shuttle you around.
  2. Visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum: Yeehaw; this inner gallery is a great place to learn about the history and heritage of the Texas Rangers. It's a great space to be on a stormy or cold day.
  3. Go shopping at the local shops around town: No matter if the sky is cloudy, sunny, or rainy, indoor shopping is a great way to spend some time. If you don't feel like leaving the house, WacoDrip.com has you covered for all your favorite Waco gifts. Waco is home to various stores, cafes, and entertainment options.
  4. Check out the Waco Suspension Bridge: This iconic spot is a famous local favorite for walking, hiking, and biking, plus it offers beautiful views of the Brazos River. If rain is expected, dress in your favorite raincoat. Also, check the bridge status online, as the Suspension Bridge has recently been under construction.
  5. Explore the Waco Mammoth National Monument: This outside gallery features the remains of mammoths that once trotted the great lands in Waco, Texas. Some remains are said to be over 60,000 years old! It's a great place to learn about Waco's history and an excellent opportunity to spend some time outside.

Overall, Waco offers a range of conditioning and events for people of all interests, regardless of the changing weather. So do not let the rain, snow, sun rays hold you back from exploring all that Waco, Texas has to offer.

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